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The Industrial Development & Renovation Organization (IDRO) of Iran started its activities in the late 1960s pursuing two ambitions: developing new industrial concerns and renovating the existing ones. The Organization was first run based on its Articles of Association with full latitude and authority, which helped accomplishing large significant industrial projects and developing major industries.
These megaprojects, run by the Organization and its affiliates, accelerated national pace towards industrial development, productive employment, and wealth creation during various periods.
Once the Act of General Policies of Principle 44 of the Constitution became effective, this Organization and other developmental counterparts faced numerous challenges due to adopting incorrect privatization practices. As a result, their joint ventures suffered numerous disadvantages. More than 100 subsidiary and associate enterprises of the Organization were transferred to the private and semi-public sectors. And the unqualified buyers either changed the professional nature of these companies or shut them down completely, channeling resources from selling their machinery and estates towards non-industrial destinations.
According to Article 1, Paragraph A, Note 7 of the above-mentioned Act, it is specified that 70% of the resources earned from selling corporate shares should be used for finishing incomplete projects and investing in deprived areas. Accordingly, IDRO was tasked with governance roles in companies to prepare them for modern areas with high-tech and high-risk technologies. Limited public resources hindered IDRO’s attempts, and these limitations still persist.
What remained are highly experienced experts and valuable brands highly recognized at different national, regional, and international levels.
I am very optimistic that the Organization will be once more successful and effective in different fields of national industrial development, during the post-JPOA era now that all industrial limitations and sanctions in attracting foreign investments have been lifted.
Being blessed with a prominent role in the Sixth National Development Plan in implementing numerous megaprojects, IDRO can readily share its valuable experiences to make revolutionary changes. These experiences can contribute to enhance production, create productive jobs, develop supply and value chains, and create wealth.
Developmental organizations are the cornerstone of realizing the concepts of resistance economy. Knowledge-based industrial development, enhanced domestic production, improved productivity, energy management, balanced regional development and many other goals can be only grasped with granting resources and independence to such organizations. It is thus highly recommended that the dedicated Government and Parliament as well as professional policy-makers focus specifically​​ on these national potentials and capitals.
Should aspiration rattle chains, ant does what Solomon would do
Mansour Moazami