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“A pioneer for propelling Iran to become the regional industry and innovation hub by Horizon 2025.”


“Focusing on integrated management over development and renovation of target industries through mobilization of resources and providing rapid, balanced and competitive industrial development requirements on the world stage as an economic development enterprise adopting and economic approach, pro-government and supportive of the private sector’’.


“An effective, modern, dynamic, smart, responsive organization entailing transparent procedures, administrative integrity and professional ethics.”


1. Attaining a pivotal role in the Iranian industrial development
2. Empowering the private sector
3. Expanding target industries and fulfilling key objectives in those industries
4. Connecting the target industries to the global value chain
5. Balanced regional development


1. Adopting an approach oriented toward value chain
2. Selective approach to industrial development
3. Contingency and minimum intervention approach
4. Active engagement with stakeholders and relevant institutions
5. Networking
6. Active participation in reforming the industrial financing system
7. Diversification of organizational financing methods
8. Concentration on demand in technology development
9. Technological partnerships
10. Management of major plans and projects
11. Active involvement in region-oriented target industries
12. Management development
13. Achieving organizational agility

We have focused on limited industries to development and investment

  • Energy industry including oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the areas of upstream and downstream and associated facilities and equipments and renewable energies equipments;
  • Transportation industry, including automotive, marine and rail;
  • Hi-Tech industry including Electronics and Microelectronics, ICT, Biotechnology, New materials and  Industrial Automation;
  • Management Development.