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​​​Investment in High-Tech Industries

IDRO’s organizational mission at industrial levels will cover four key areas:
1-Participating in development, reinforcement or accomplishment of value chain in selective industries based on new technology as well as IDRO’s macro strategies through identification of opportunities
2-Designing and implementing the commercialization strategies of technical knowledge devised by IDRO and converting the technical know-how to economically investable technologies
3- Identifying and collaborating with investors and strategic partners for successful implementation of investment projects
4-Supporting idea-owners and entrepreneurs so as to develop business plans through granting financial facilities
IDRO has so far accomplished several projects in high-tech industry, especially promoting small business development centers (SBDCs) and innovative projects, some of which include:
Hybrid electric vehicle
  • Humanoid robot
  • 4 MW turbine engine system operating in cogeneration of ​electricity and heat
  • Formulation of technical and manufacturing knowledge for reverse osmosis membrane
  • Formulation of technical and manufacturing knowledge for basic superabsorbent polymers at pilot scale with minimum production capacity of 50 tons per year.
  • Pilot design and construction of a plant with a capacity of 30 tons per year and formulation of production technical knowledge for NBR through emulsion polymerization.
  • Development and implementation of smart vehicle communications systems in the automotive industry (this project ranked third in Khwarizmi International Award 2004).
  • Production of needle-free injector focusing on insulin injections through two experimental samples and 30 pilot samples.
  • In pilot Murine monoclonal antibody polymerization against human Ror1 and studies on its cytotoxic effects on mice under laboratory conditions.
  • Semi-industrial production of pharmaceutical raw materials (10 raw material and 11 precursors)
  • Formulation of technical and manufacturing knowledge for a semi-industrial aloe Vera gel powder plant
  • Prototyping loaded tap changers for a three-phase transformer with a capacity of 1 MVA

 Innovation projects at commercialization stage

  • Formulation of technical knowledge for several catalysts of paraffin dehydrogenation, methanation, ammonia, sulfuric acid, pre-reforming and acetylene hydrogenation.
  • Research, design, technology development and implementation of smart vehicle communications systems and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for automobiles
  • Design, manufacture and formulation of technical knowledge for new rotary compressors
  • Design and manufacture of welding simulation machines

Investment projects at operational stage

  •  Production of biological nitrogen fertilizer based on azetobacter
  •  Design and manufacture of a various bio implants
  •  Royan Cord Blood Bank
  •  Deployment of a production line for electronic smart cards
  •  Smart airbag systems for automobiles
  •  Smart vehicle anti-theft system based on RFID immobilizers
  •  Launching a center for designing and semi-industrial manufacturing of components and sensors based on MEMS technology
  • MAGFA messaging syste

Projects under completion

  • Advanced carbon fiber production
  • Production of industrial solvents;
  • Magnesium die casting production;
  • Manufacturing hemodialysis machine;