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​​​​In order to fulfill its national mission and systematic goals within the framework of legal responsibility, IDRO has set out to establish the Iranian master infrastructure industries.
These industries can be the driving force for other Iranian industries, particularly those involving the construction of equipment and machine tools. In addition, IDRO has taken several measures to renovate and rehabilitate the currently operating units and expand the industries through the implementation of supplementary projects. 

Esfarayen Industrial Complex

Being established Esfarayen Industrial Complex, IDRO aimed to produce 120 thousand tons of alloy steel, heavy parts utilizing the most advanced equipment and machinery in production lines (including radial forging machines, furnaces and 6,300-ton presses), thus playing a major role in supplying alloy steel parts and sections required by the automotive, oil, gas, petrochemical industries etc.
These measures have substantially curtailed the country’s dependency on foreign resources.

Esfarayen LulehGostar Co.

Pursuing its development policies and fulfillment of industrial requirements particularly in the oil and gas sector, IDRO decided to establish a pipe manufacturing company known as Esfarayen LulehGostar.
This company was established along with Esfarayen Industrial Complex in order to supply a portion of the pipes required by the Iranian oil industry covering the products below:
  •  Seamless pipes such as 7 to 16-inch casing at an annual rate of 80 thousand tons.
  •  1.9 to 7-inch tubing at an annual rate of 50 thousand tons.

Machine Sazi Tabriz

IDRO has constantly been focusing on the growth of Iranian machinery and equipment construction industries. One of the first IDRO-established companies operating in machine manufacturing is Tabriz Machine Sazi with a history of more than 40 years in the industry. Tabriz Machine Sazi has been manufacturing a wide variety of machine tools such as lathes, drills, milling, CNCs, machining centers, flat grinding machines and tool sharpeners, which have greatly contributed to providing the Iranian local industries and exporting companies with high-quality, innovative products supported by after-sale services.